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Latest Machinery

We have number of cold heading machines. The machines include single die double blow cold headers, Two die two blow progressive headers, Three die three blow bolt formers & four die four blow progressive headers and fire die five blow progressive header. The capacity is form 2 mm diameter to 25 mm diameter and length form 5 mm to 200 mm.

We also have thread rollers, center less grinding machines, milling machines, slitting machines, collet lathes, Press machines up to 100 ton, Wire drawing machine, Drilling and tapping machines, metal gathering machine (Hot up setter)

Metal gathering Machine

Metal gathering Machine is capable of forge up to 30 mm bar diameter and suitable for head diameter and small quantities.


We have in house facility for machining on single spindle collet lathes, Milling machines, Slitting machines, Turret lethes, Automates etc.


We have centress Grinding machines.


We have 4 press machines of capacity up to 100 tons.

Wire drawing

We have facility of wire drawing to required sizes up to 14 mm wire diameter.

Heat Treatment

  • Annealing- Stress Relieving
  • Case carburising, Nitriding
  • Hardening- Tempering

Surface Treatment

  • Zinc plating with blue, yellow, black and Olive green passivation
  • Zinc plating - yellow passivation - bleached and lacquered
  • Cobolt Zinc plating
  • Trivalent Zinc plating
  • Tin Plating
  • Copper plating
  • Nickes plating
  • Powder coating on head
  • Phosphate coating

Proposed Facility

Open die cold heading machines, CNC turning machines.