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Clevis Pin

A clevis pin is a type of fastener with a hole drilled through the end. It is used to connect two parts together. They are fastened using a cotter pin, R clip, or similar fastening device that fixes the clevis pin in place. They can be found in car braking systems, Two wheelers, gardening machinery, and other applications.
Wire diameter – 4 to 25 mm diameter
Length – Up to 300 mm.

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We are one of the largest manufacturers of clevis pins in India. We manufacture pins in various grades such as SAE 1008, 1010, 10B21, 15B25, 10B35, and 4140 grades. We have capacities to manufacture from 4 to 25 mm in diameter and length upto 300 mm.
We supply pins for footrest, Shaft stand, Hinge pins, Knurled pins, grooved pins, brake pins, etc. These are plated with Alkaline zinc bright, Blue, Zinc nickel, and Hot dip galvanized.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 5 cm