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Manufacturing large sets of various construction industry products

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Manufacturing Brake Rods,
Clevis Pins, Push rods, rivets, studs,
screws etc for Automobile Industries.

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Providing “Chipless Solutions”
to Automobile, Electrical &
Domestic Appliance industries.

Chip Less Solutions

A way to maintain the rising cost of raw material is to use less material, & is accomplished by employing chip less forming solution whenever possible to decrease the product cost.

All Industry Coverage

Due to cold plastic deformation of metal, physical properties of the product are improved drastically. Fatigue life, tensile, yield and shear strengths are increased due to cold forming.

Varied Sized Products

Today market demands of the different sized products are increasing drastically. To fulfill the needs of the every industry we are leading in manufacturing of varied sized products.

Quality Solutions

Quality is of utmost significance for the company. All the Industrial Products provided by us are designed in conformity with global norms and standards of quality & accuracy.

Welcome To Metaforge Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.

In 1968, Mr Amod Mehta formed a cold forging company. Since then, the Mehta family has been providing "Chipless Solutions" to various customers based in Automobile, Electrical, Luggage and Domestic Appliance industries. Backed by Experience of more than 35 years in cold forging, hard work and innovative solutions enable us to meet complete satisfaction to our customers.

The product range includes Rivets, Screws, Pins, Bolts, Sheet Metal Pressed parts, Assemblies, Special cold forged parts, Industrial fasteners. We are supplying Clevis Pins, Brake rod of motor cycle, Push rods, Cam pins, Adjusters, Eye bolts, Center bolts, T bolts, Battery bolts, etc to automobile industries.

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